Gua Sha

That’s Not a real Word Right?

Much like cupping, the gua sha tool originated a very long time ago; technically, It's even older than cupping. This is a modality that incorporates a scraping method to vascularize the tissue. By using this technique it can increase the circulation to an area by up to 400%

Essentially the tool is used to stimulate the soft tissue on a microvascular level. Which means that it stimulates the circulation in the area, which then helps hydrate the soft tissues like the muscle, fascia and dermis. And in doing all of that, it helps everything release. They are usually made of some sort of Jade, animal horn or Metal like copper or titanium.

Why should you get this done? I've found this tool to be invaluable when it comes to getting fascia and muscle to let go. It usually is a quick process, that saves me the therapist time, and you the client pain. It has the benefits of improving circulation, lymph drainage and elasticity. So why not?