Located in Brook Park, Equilibrium Massage Therapy is a purveyor of quality massages in Old School Iron Gym.


Madelyn Hayes graduated from the Ohio College Of Massotherapy with an Associates Degree and has been licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio since 2009. She has continued her education in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial Release. She also enjoys incorporating tools such as the Gua Sha, using cupping techniques and Muscle Energy Work, She’s been lucky enough to work with people from a variety of backgrounds, including athletes, pregnant women, mothers, children, musicians, dancers and more. Her approach is to find the root of the issue, educate her clients about what could be the source, and create a treatment plan to help them reach a goal.

“My goal is to trouble shoot and figure out the best way to get you to your goal. I believe communication is the best way to do that, you know your body better than anyone. My involvement is to facilitate the release of the soft tissue that is holding you back. I look forward to creating wellness with you through pain alleviation and education.”




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I Come To YOU*

30 min Massage - $45

45 min Massage- $60

60 min Massage- $75

90 min Massage- $110

120 min Massage- $140

YOU Come to me

30 min Massage - $50

45 min Massage- $65

60 min Massage- $80

90 min Massage- $115

120 min Massage- $140

*for distances greater than 15 miles or 30 minutes away, there will be a travel fee of $10 added to your session.

To book me for an event, please email me at ohiomassage@gmail.com

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Gua Sha

That's not a real word.. right?

Much like cupping, the gua sha tool originated a very long time ago; technically, It's even older than cupping. This is a modality that incorporates scraping of the dermis to vascularize the tissue. The Gua Sha aids the tissue in hydration through circulation to let the muscle tissue release. By using this technique it can increase the circulation to an area by up to 400%

Essentially the tool is used to stimulate the soft tissue on a microvascular level. Which means that it stimulates the circulation in the area, which then helps hydrate the soft tissues like the muscle, fascia and dermis. And in doing all of this helps all of the tissue release. They are usually made of some sort of precious stone like Jade, natural materials like animal horn or Metal like copper or titanium.

Why should you get this done? Using the Gua Sha is usually a quick process that saves me time and you pain. If an area is being stubborn, this tool turns it into butter. Plus it has the added benefits of improving circulation, lymph drainage and elasticity. I've found this tool to be invaluable when it comes to getting fascia and muscle to let go.


Seriously, why are people making this a thing?

Cupping originated a very long time ago, some medical historical references date it back to 1500 B.C. in China, Egypt and the Middle East. It is a modality that provides suction which then creates a negative pressure that helps loosen muscles, sedate the nervous system, encourage blood flow and relieve fascial tension.

The procedure of cupping is different per practitioner, some using glass and fire or plastic. I use a very high grade silicone, so that I can incorporate different techniques, like keeping them static or moving them around. Since the cups create this suction, it pulls blood to the surface. The reason this helps is, by hydrating the tissues and improving circulation, the muscles and fascia are more inclined to let go. One of the few inconveniences to cupping is it usually turns the skin a red, blue or purple color that will last a few days (sometimes up to a week). In the trades we call that a bruise.

Why should you get this done? Unlike the popular mythos that cupping will be painful, it simply isn’t the case. Cupping can help relieve a myriad of issues like muscle pain, anxiety, poor circulation, general achiness, ect.  I tend to use cupping as an assistant or tool to get deeper into the muscle faster, because it does wonders for fascial relief. I was resistant to the idea of having cupping done myself, until I had it done. Now I look forward to my little circular suction marks.


Hands on


Now that’s what i’m talking about

Massage therapy is meant to find discrepancies in the soft tissue through manual manipulation. Therapists use a variety of modalities to help them achieve this. Like myofascial release, Neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, ect. Massage can also sedate the nervous system, encourage blood flow, relieve anxiety, help with insomnia and relieve an assortment of muscular tension issues.

When most people think massage, they usually think about a spa like setting, relaxing music and a lot of oil. I like to think of a massage like a seek and find mission. The session should be about looking for areas that are acutely hurting and also looking for areas that have been compensating. Surprisingly the muscles that compensate are quite important, because they are holding your structure in a way that is enabling the acute pain. So in other words, the place that has the most pain, isn't necessarily where there tension is. Mind blown right?

I think the world would be a better place if everyone got a massage on a regular basis. It's such an amazing way to check in with your body. Most people are holding tension they didn't even know they had. So why should you get a massage? Do you want to get rid of tension? Do you want to relax? Do you want to address an issue that is soft tissue in nature and anti inflammatories just aren't cutting it anymore? Let's figure it out together, book now!


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